Maurice Renck


To set an option, keep in mind that all of them have to be prefixed with mauricerenck.podcaster. For example:

'mauricerenck.podcaster.statsType' => 'sqlite',


'mauricerenck.podcaster' => [
    'statsInternal' => true,
    'statsType' => 'sqlite',
defaultFeed'feed'This is used to track feet downloads
downloadTriggerPath'download'This is used to track audio downloads
feed.uuidfalseUse the new UUID feature for permalinks in the feed
statsInternalfalseEnable or disable Podcaster Analytics
statsType'sqlite'Use 'sqlite' or 'mysql for storing stats data
sqlitePath.Path to the folder where the sqlite file should be created
statsHostMySQL hostname
statsDatabaseMySQL database name
statsUserMySQL username
statsPasswordMySQL password
doNotTrackBotsfalseWill prevent bots to be counted in Podcaster Analytics
matomoBaseUrlfalseYour Matomo base url
matomoTokenYour Matomo auth token
setId3DatafalseWrite ID3 data like title or description to the episode page after mp3 upload
sanitizefalseEnable to sanitize data after migration from version 2
useApitrueUse the Podcaster API for Apple categories and other meta data
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