Podcaster is a Kirby CMS plugin for podcasters. It generates a podcast feed from your content and provides you with a panel blueprint to manage your podcast episodes and feeds. Enable the analytics feature to get detailed insights about your audience.

Everything you need to publish your podcast

Podcaster is a complete solution for publishing your podcast. From the RSS feed to detailed analytics, Podcaster has you covered.

Simple and easy feed management

The RSS feed is the core of your podcast. Podcaster makes it easy to manage your feeds.

Detailed analytics

View detailed analytics about your podcast, including downloads, subscribers, and more directly in the panel.

Customizable player

Podcaster comes with a customizable player that you can embed on your website. Use a simple HTML5 player or the advanced Podlove player.

Multiple podcasts

Manage multiple podcasts from a single installation of Podcaster. Each podcast has its own feed, analytics, and settings.

Easy integration

Podcaster comes with all the blueprints and snippets you might need to get started. Enabling you to integrate Podcaster into your existing Kirby site.

Podcaster Theme

Starting from scratch? Use the Podcaster theme to get started in no time. Everything is pre-configured and ready to go. (coming soon)


Podcaster allows you to upload VTT or SRT files to add transcripts to your episodes. These are used by platforms like Apple Podcasts.

Screenshot with podcast details in the kirby panel

Manage your feeds

Easily manage your podcast feeds. The panel blueprint comes with everything you need to configure your RSS feed for every major podcast directory or platform.

Enter your podcast details and tweak your feed settings. You can also configure and style the audio player for your website.

Need more insights? Enable external tracking features via Podtrack or Matomo.

Screenshot with episode details in the kirby panel


Create and manage your podcast episodes from within the kirby panel. Upload your audio files and edit titles, descriptions and all of the needed meta data like:

  • Season and episode numbers
  • Set special episode types like bonus or trailer episodes
  • Age restriction or blocked episodes
  • Episode chapters with
    • Chapter titles
    • Chapter start times
    • Chapter images
    • Chapter urls
  • Authors and contributors

Upcoming releases will also include automatic transcriptions as an additional service

Screenshot with download analytics in the kirby panel


Get to know your audience. With the Podcaster analytics feature enabled you'll get detailed information about the most relevant metrics, like:

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, overall downloads
  • Estimated subscribers
  • Listener systems and apps
  • Episode and feed downloads
  • Comparable episode stats

Zoom in and out of the graphs to catch even more details. Download graphs as images or csv to use them elsewhere.

This feature needs a database (sqlite or mysql) in order to work, as the amount of data cannot usefully be stored in a markdown file.

Start podcasting now

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